Medications in Pregnancy

There are many common ailments/conditions that may occur during pregnancy. The following treatments are considered safe during pregnancy. If problems persist or you have concerns, please call our office.

During pregnancy, many over-the-counter medications are generally considered safe to take. You may print a list for your own review, and get other ideas here.

Morning Sickness / Nausea

Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day. It is important to try to keep something in your stomach all the time. Eat very frequent, small meals and snack every hour or two. Cookies, crackers, Pop-tarts are often helpful. Canned fruit in syrup or other quick sources of sugar will often help when other things won’t. Ginger products (Ginger Ale, Ginger Snaps) and Peppermint products (Peppermint Tea, Peppermint candies) are natural anti-emetics.

Other treatments to try include:

  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 50 mg twice a day
  • Unisom (an over the counter sleeping pill) at bedtime can be used in combination with the Vitamin B6
  • If you are unable to control the nausea or vomiting, call the office. Don’t let yourself become too dehydrated


Headaches are common in the first trimester but usually improve after that. Push fluids. Don’t miss meals. Increase your rest. If you have taken prescription medication for headaches in the past, please discuss with us before you take these during pregnancy.

  • Take Extra-Strength Tylenol 2 tabs every 4 hours up to 8 tabs in 24 hours
  • Excedrine Migraine 2 tabs every 4 hours up to 8 tabs in 24 hours

Report any Headache that is not relieved by these measures. Do not take Ibuprofen, Aleve or Imitrex.

Cold, Congestion, Cough, Sore Throat

  • Push fluids. Rest as much as possible
  • Take Mucinex and Claritin (together) for congestion, runny eyes and nose
  • Robitussin DM for cough
  • Throat Lozenges for sore throat
  • Report fever >100.5, Cough or drainage that is discolored dark yellow or green

Indigestion / Heartburn / Reflux

  • Eat frequent, small meals. Avoid eating right before bedtime. Sleeping with your head elevated may help
  • Use Maalox or Mylanta, take as needed, especially at bedtime. Keep the bottle by your bed to take a dose during the night if needed
  • Use Zantac 150 mg or Prilosec OTC over the counter, according to package directions
  • If the problem persists, notify the office


  • Benedryl 25 mg, Tylenol PM, Unisom (over the counter sleeping pill)


  • Increase fluids, fruits, fiber in your diet. Eat regularly
  • Colace 50-100 mg once or twice a day with lots of fluid
  • Milk of Magnesia according to package directions
  • Report if further help is needed


  • Keep up with your fluids. Bland foods, starches for 24 hours. Avoid fried or fatty foods or milk products for 48 hours
  • Notify the office if diarrhea persists after 24 hours


  • During pregnancy your temperature may normally rise to 99.5-100 degrees
  • Use Tylenol Extra Strength 2 tabs every 4 hours for a temp over this
  • Report temperature>100.5


  • Use warm sitz baths. Increase fluid intake. Use Baby Wipes, Tucks or Witch Hazel pads. Anusol HC, Nupercaine, Preperation-H, Hydrocortisone Creams, ointments or suppositories as needed

Skin Irritation / Rash

  • Caladryl lotion, Hydrocortisone cream, Benedryl cream or spray
  • Report any rash, irritation or blisters that persist
  • Immediately report any rash associated with fever


  • Use warm sitz baths to clean then dry lesions.
  • Contact the office for medication.